IC TRADE Sp z o.o.

IC TRADE Sp z o.o. is a dynamically developing Polish company, whose key products are the CreamLUX preparations that have unique properties for eliminating both surface corrosion and deep corrosion from stainless steel, cast iron, zinc, etc. In the IC TRADE Sp z o.o. offering, there are also derivative cleaning preparations for chromium, copper, brass, bronze, ceramics, acrylic or glazed surfaces.

The registered office of the Company, its Management Board and the sales office are located in Warszawa, Poland. The manufacturing plant and the distribution centre is located in Prusice near Wrocław.

CreamLUX products are manufactured exclusively by the Company in one production plant in Europe, and it is their only manufacturing place in the world. IC TRADE Sp z o.o. has a safety certificate for the product, as well as reviews and research results from the LGA chemical laboratory in Nurnberg that are necessary to sell products in the countries of the European Union.