CreamLUX is the product you are looking for.

CreamLUX is a patented, unique invention manufactured in Poland, developed as a result of years of innovative research and experience in German laboratories.

CreamLUX is available in two versions: as a rust remover for steel, cast steel, cast iron and zinc, as well as other metals, and as a cleaning cream for chromium, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic and glazed surfaces.

Cleaning occurs by a purely chemical process that affects the surface being cleaned, so CreamLUX products do not scratch the surface structure, while providing excellent cleaning results. The products completely remove and dissolve surface rust and all kinds of tarnish, sediments and scale, as well as mould, stains and patina, while restoring a natural shine and colour to the surface being polished. All this is possible because CreamLUX products are made from the same components that are found in the best polishing pastes.